Lock Down Defense T-Shirt
Lock Down Defense T-Shirt

Lock Down Defense T-Shirt

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For those that don't know, here is the Urban Dictionary definition of what it means to be a Lock Down Defender. 

Lock Down Defense

Some use the term to mean that such and such player is a "good defender."

Others mean something more specific. To wit:

--A lockdown defender is someone that can completely shut down the offensive player on any given night. Anyone can score the ball, but not everybody takes pride in having lock down defense. 

*A plush orange suede vinyl is used for the letters, giving this shirt a unique effect and feel. 
*This is a very good quality Next Level t-shirt. 
*Washes good and holds deep black color. 
*Unisex T-Shirt
*Women's cut crew neck available on request (Send follow-up email with order stating you would like a women's cut. 

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