Zozobra T-Shirt

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The Burning of the Zozobra dates back to 1924 and was started by William Shuster as a way to burn away the Anguish, Anxiety and Gloom from the past year. The idea originated in Mexico with the Yaqui Indians burning a similar figure during the Holy Week (Semana Santa). I was lucky enough to experience this while visiting the country a few years back. I encourage everyone to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico the first week of September to experience the burning of the Zozobra in person! 

This T-Shirt was hand sketched and printed by Born & Raised Clothing Co. This is a large print, measuring at approximately 12.5 inches in width x 16.5 inches in length. Check the details below to make sure this shirt is perfect for you before placing your order! This is a unisex T-Shirt. 


Size: Small